• Question: What is your favourite part of being an engineer?

    Asked by HollyT on 4 Mar 2021. This question was also asked by TillyF, KateJ, EllieC, MyaC.
    • Photo: Tolu Elemo

      Tolu Elemo answered on 4 Mar 2021:

      My favourite part is being able to do designs/calculations/drawings on paper and seeing it materialise in real life.

    • Photo: Ayla Cooper

      Ayla Cooper answered on 4 Mar 2021:

      Hi Holly,

      I enjoy being an engineer because my day to day job is always so different!

      I could be in the office doing research into a project. I could be on site supervising investigations. I could be in the office using that investigation information to design something. It’s also pretty cool being able to see something you’ve designed in person!

    • Photo: Vittawat Dolbandarnchoke

      Vittawat Dolbandarnchoke answered on 4 Mar 2021:

      Being able to tackle and resolve issues with technology is the best part for me!

    • Photo: Emma Robertson

      Emma Robertson answered on 4 Mar 2021:

      I really like being able to do lots of different things as an engineer – sometimes I’ll be working at my desk on the computer, sometimes I’ll be talking to people and sometimes I might be in the lab making something or looking at our machines!

      I also love coming up with lots of new ideas to solve a problem and sketching them all out before eventually choosing some of them to become more developed ideas, and then hopefully one of them would become part of a real product one day!

    • Photo: Sarah-Jane Potts

      Sarah-Jane Potts answered on 4 Mar 2021:

      Getting to design, make and test the cool ideas that I come up with and turn them into a reality. I find it really rewarding being able to design and makine my own printed solar cells, especially when I test them to see how good they are. I also enjoyed being creative and making a heat up cork coaster that can get hot enough to boil a coffee, I now make these in workshops at sciecne festivals and schools so students can try making their own which is really nice.

    • Photo: Lia Bucks

      Lia Bucks answered on 4 Mar 2021:

      My favourite depart is that different parts of my job are so different, and day-to-day my tasks can be very different. I love the variety.

      I also enjoy the satisfaction of problem solving, which is a key part of being an engineer. From analysing and investigating the problem, to exploring possible solutions, working out which solution would work best, and then making that solution a reality. Seeing things go from idea to on paper to real life is pretty cool 🙂

    • Photo: Amy Carter

      Amy Carter answered on 4 Mar 2021:

      Hi Holly 🙂 My favourite part of my job is getting outdoors and visiting construction sites. It’s so interesting seeing how things get built, and it’s an amazing feeling when something that you have only seen in your head and on paper is finally right there in real life. The only downside is that we have to be there whatever the weather – if I could go only on the sunny days that would be perfect!

    • Photo: Graeme Cunningham

      Graeme Cunningham answered on 4 Mar 2021:

      The satisfaction you get when you are involved with finding a creative solution to a difficult problem.

    • Photo: Jasmine Bone

      Jasmine Bone answered on 5 Mar 2021:

      I really enjoy being able to work on different things and that I have a balance between being in the lab doing tests, at a desk doing analysis, and going to events where I can present and talk to other researchers about their work and ideas. It’s great being able to work on a project and then also be able to share the impact of results and why your work is important.

    • Photo: Michael Jones

      Michael Jones answered on 5 Mar 2021:

      That I get to contribute to helping with issues that have mattered to me since I was a child.

    • Photo: Alex Evans

      Alex Evans answered on 6 Mar 2021:

      The best part about my work is that the variety of people it get to work with have a wide range of skills and knowledge which leads to some really interesting conversations.

    • Photo: Kiri Hatton

      Kiri Hatton answered on 8 Mar 2021:

      Being able to improve roads. Being able to encourage people to walk and cycle and enjoy being outdoors.

    • Photo: Anna Garcia-Teruel

      Anna Garcia-Teruel answered on 9 Mar 2021:

      Having “aha!” moments. After thinking a lot about how to solve a problem, when you finally fully understand something or come-up with a solution, is always a great feeling.

    • Photo: Tom Pratt

      Tom Pratt answered on 9 Mar 2021:

      My favourite part of being an engineer is when you make a breakthrough on a problem and find a solution. Also, i find it really satisfying to work in the lab with physical equipment which allows you to get hands-on.

    • Photo: Adrian Marsland

      Adrian Marsland answered on 15 Mar 2021:

      My favourite part of being an engineer is helping others to learn and grow and opening up the possibilities for them in the future of the profession and highlighting what choices there are for career development

    • Photo: Magdalena Grzybek

      Magdalena Grzybek answered on 26 Mar 2021:

      My favourite part is being challenged on a daily basis. Anything that requires looking at an issue and working out a solution, and I love the constant introduction of new technologies.